Inertia Organic Labocell™ Period Pad - Regular & Heavy

Our cotton menstrual pads introduce an organic core layer made of Labocell, which absorbs 30% quicker and better than SAP found in other pads. Try the Regular Size Pack for less heavy days for a soft and comfortable wear all day long.

Inertia's natural pads for women are organic through and through - from its core, containing Labocell derived from cotton, to its outermost cover. Certified and named Champion of USDA BioPreferred Program.

Safe ingredients in cotton pads for women are crucial because vaginal tissue is very permeable and a direct route to the reproductive organs. So naturally, our period pads contain NO petroleum-based microplastic, chlorine, fragrance or deodorant.

Our organic feminine pads are made of clean, hypoallergenic ingredients that are also biodegradable and decompose almost 40% in just a month. And every Inertia period pad sold contributes to our donation to the Coral Restoration Foundation.

Developed and designed by female scientists, Inertia's organic cotton pads are lightweight, flexibly fitting and comfortably soft even during the heavier flow day - all the while providing you the world's safest feminine care.

Labocell™ INSIDE

Commonly used in sanitary pads, Superabsorbent polymer(SAP) is petroleum-based, containing microplastics. For safety and the environment, we developed an absrobent that has no microplastic traces.

Super Absorbency

Labocell™ takes up as much blood as a 14 times its own weight while SAPs take up 12 times.


Our sanitary pads are Oragnic Content Standard(OCS) certified.

● Find Your Flow!

We know every body's flow is unique, that's why we've got you covered with our range of pad options.
Regular, Medium

◌ Regular Flow

No problem! If you're looking for day time protection, our regular pads have got you covered for up to 8 hours.
◌ Heavy Flow
Heavy, Overnight

◌ Heavy Flow

For those heavier days, try our Heavy flow pads that provide extra coverage for 8 hours. And if you're looking for a good night's sleep, It also good.

● Our Performance

Highly Absorbent - Lightweight - No Skin Irritation Tested - Comfort - Snug Fit

Customer Review

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I am always seeking natural products for down there due to sensitivity and overall health but as you know, you have to pay for it. I came across these and they were most cost effective than my usual go to. I did like that they were natural and I can tell by inspecting them. They were the perfect size and the wings were nice and wide. I did notice on the first wear how comfy they are. No leaking! I wouldn’t wear these overnight on a heavy flow day but definitely great for after.

INERTIA Organic Pads for Women

With the INERTIA organic pads come you get 4 sealed boxes that contain 10 pads in each box. Inside the box is a plastic package that is sealed too. The pads have a thin fabric like material wrapped around each one that could be saved and used to dispose of the used pad. The pads have wings to help keep them in place. The material is soft and comfortable. They absorb well and work great. Happy to find an organic product to use.

Organic pads

These are very soft and comfortable. Good length with wings. Sticks well and absorbs as expected for a regular pad.

Packaging is nice but I deducted a star because they. are expensive in my opinion.


These pads are comfortable and have little to no feel while wearing. They absorb well.

Rae Y
Very soft pads

Much like the liners these are super soft larger and of course meant for over night wear or heavy flow. Definitely made the switch to organic cotton if I have any disposables in my house just in case someone needs them these are great.