Labocell™ is a 3D structured cellulose that traps menstrual blood within its formation.

To absorb the menstrual blood effectively, molecular structure needs to form 3D arrangement that could tightly bound the fluid.

To facilitate such binding structure, the use of electron beam energy instead of chemical substances is the key to Inertia sanitary pads.

We applied such technology to structure in a certain way to have a higher absorption capacity more optimized for blood compared to conventional chemical absorbents, SAPs.

There has been issue regarding microplastics within SAP. Microplastics is harmful both to our environment and our body. So we simply took them out. Labocell™ is cellulose-based absorbent, which means it is organic with no microplastic traces.

You don't need to worry about leakage with Inertia sanitary pads. We have invented a new type of absorbent, Labocell™, which has 30x retention capacity, while SAP is 25x.

Our invention was inspired by hemostatic material used in surgery rooms, and so it readily retains blood by coagulating it within the 3D structure.

It is sufficient to change the pad every 3-4 hours, even on heavy flow days, based on large-size standards.

The top sheet, absorbent sheet and wings are made of pure cotton; The back sheet is a sugar cane bio-based film. And of course, our absorbent, Labocell™, is derived from cellulose. Ingredients we used come from nature and the even the production process for the absorbent does not include any chemicals.

Our effort was recognized for its exceptional green technology development and selected as a champion of the USDA BioPreferred®️ Program.

Superabsorbent polymers (SAPs), commonly used in sanitary pads, are acrylate-based and have high molecular weight, and in addition an entirely carbon atom-based and cross-linked backbone.

These factors lead to poor biodegradability, which has a harmful impact on the environment.

On the other hand, Labocell™️ used in Inertia sanitary pads is proven to be biodegradable under test conditions in accordance with the International Standard (ISO 14851).

Since it comes from nature, we made sure to bring it back to nature.

For the regular size, the total length is 24 cm, while for the large size, the total length is 28 cm. We recommend using regular size for daily use and large size for heavy flow days or more physically active days.

We made sure our products do not cause any skin irritations or any sort of harmful effect on your body. We went through strict 8-week Dermatest®️ testings for safety, efficacy, and compatibility. It is a thorough testing that goes through such procedures:

- Measurement of physiological skin parameters
- Questionnaires for evaluating subjective experience or product features
- Other professionals might get involved (paediatrician, ophthalmologist, gynaecologist, dentist, etc.)
- Final patch test to rule out any allergies which might have developed during the testing period

*Cited from Dermatest homepage
Our products received 5-STAR Seal, which guarantees no skin irritation.

Our top priority is your safety and wellness. We made sure none of our products cause harm to you even in molecular level. That's why we have invented cellulose-based Labocell™️ using electron beam technology that does not require any chemical processing.

Electron beam technology is an expensive tech widely used in biomedical research and material science.
We believed that it is a necessary technology to provide you with safe and functional abosrbent.

The cotton used in our products are 100% organic. And so, natural cotton stem/seed particles may sometimes cause stains and occasionally, Labocell™️ particles may be visible. Letting you know that it is not defective and there is no need to worry about the product's functionality or safety.

Since our pads are suitable for sensitive skins and has high absorbency, we have received good comments on our products during their postpartum. What they liked the most was how soft our pads are. You don't need to worry when period returns. For the most comfortable experience, we recommend you our Large size sanitary pads.