Our mission is to deliver on the promise of science to create a new generation of transformative female care products.

We ask ourselves 'why' and 'how' round the clock to seek out innovative technology that can provide you a more comfortable experience.

Technology closer to our lives

Science is usually thought to be something that is far from our lives; it is for engineers and scientists to handle. As scientists, it is our responsibility to bring science and technology closer to our lives to help eliminate discomfort you are facing right infront of you.


The science of INERTIA pursues sustainability in order to coexist with Earth. As scientists, we believe it is our responsibility to return natural materials back to nature.

Adventure of Curiosity

All innovative ideas come from pure curiosity. The questions of 'why' and 'how' are what inspire us to look beyond the obvious, venture into new areas, and seek out something new to bring to the world.