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I am always seeking natural products for down there due to sensitivity and overall health but as you know, you have to pay for it. I came across these and they were most cost effective than my usual go to. I did like that they were natural and I can tell by inspecting them. They were the perfect size and the wings were nice and wide. I did notice on the first wear how comfy they are. No leaking! I wouldn’t wear these overnight on a heavy flow day but definitely great for after.

INERTIA Organic Pads for Women

With the INERTIA organic pads come you get 4 sealed boxes that contain 10 pads in each box. Inside the box is a plastic package that is sealed too. The pads have a thin fabric like material wrapped around each one that could be saved and used to dispose of the used pad. The pads have wings to help keep them in place. The material is soft and comfortable. They absorb well and work great. Happy to find an organic product to use.

Organic pads

These are very soft and comfortable. Good length with wings. Sticks well and absorbs as expected for a regular pad.

Packaging is nice but I deducted a star because they. are expensive in my opinion.


These pads are comfortable and have little to no feel while wearing. They absorb well.

Very soft pads

Much like the liners these are super soft larger and of course meant for over night wear or heavy flow. Definitely made the switch to organic cotton if I have any disposables in my house just in case someone needs them these are great.

It’s a good day!

First and foremost, the comfort level is outstanding. The pads are incredibly soft and gentle against my skin, eliminating any discomfort or irritation that I used to experience with conventional pads. They have a breathable design, allowing for better airflow and a fresher feeling throughout the day. It's incredible how something as simple as a pad can significantly affect overall comfort.

Soft, comfortable, and absorbent

I have had issues with pads that have a plastic edge. They rub my skin and cause irritation, and even cuts.
These INERTIA Organic Pads are bliss! SO soft, no irritation at all. They are absorbent as well. I've had no leaking.

Very nice product

A solution to the problem of sensitivity! Very nice.

Incredible fit

The comfort of these is next level. I've always hated pads because of the plastic layer and how they fit. These are so amazing, I feel fully covered especially in the back. I haven't gotten leaks like other pads. They are pretty expensive pads but if you can afford it all the time, they're amazing.

Most Comfortable pads ever!

This pad is def the most comfortable and softest pad ever. I didn't feel like I was wearing a pad. It absorbs so well that you can barely smell anything. Also, it prevents from sweating and becoming humid down there. I have very sensitive skin that irritates easily, but no irritation and not itchy at all. It is a bit more expensive than other products, but it is totally worth the price and I highly recommend it! Especially, if you have sensitive skin, get sweaty and smell easily, or are susceptible to vaginal infections, this is def worth the try!


These are very absorbent but so long they seem bulky. I think they will work for some people just not for me.

It captures the odor well

I tried this product for the first time after changing my sanitary pad. It emits less odor than the ones I used before, and I like that it doesn't irritate my skin.

I don't feel like I am wearing it

It's so thin and light that I hardly feel it.

The thickness is just right.

It's thin, but this is the first sanitary pad with such good absorption. I'll really use it well!

All-in-one for a year

At first, I was drawn to the packaging and made the purchase, but now I can't imagine using anything else!
During my period, I used to struggle with the feeling of leakage, but after switching to the Inertia sanitary pad, things have improved significantly.
The number of times I had to take painkillers has greatly decreased. I'm amazed that even scientists can create such an effective sanitary pad!
Usually, the wings of the pad would chafe my thighs, causing redness, but with Inertia, the wings are so soft that I haven't experienced this issue.
I suffer whenever I forget to order, so I made a bulk purchase this time!
I hope they continue to offer good discounts in the future. I'm happy with my affordable purchase.

I like how its so thin

It's so thin compared to other pads, making it very comfortable to use.

I recommend it!

After giving birth, I had a lot of secretions, which was a concern, but after using this, the discomfort has completely disappeared. As expected, I trust and use Inertia!! :)

The sanitary pad is pretty

I bought it as a gift for my daughter's first menstruation, and she really liked it because it's pretty.
She says it's comfortable and doesn't leak.

Buying it to use with my daughter!

Strangely, both of us had severe menstrual cramps, and it was always a concern.
After seeing the advertisement, I bought it on a whim and ended up liking it, so now I purchase in advance in ample amounts.
It's incredibly thin, yet its absorbency is excellent, and the cotton is so soft that I don't feel any pressing sensation, which I really appreciate.
Especially the wing part of the pad can be very uncomfortable, but this one doesn't have that issue at all.
My daughter also loves it, saying there's a noticeable difference with products made by scientists.
The packaging is so pretty that it's nice to have it on display in the bathroom.
We'll probably run out of it quickly since both of us use it, but having stocked up, I feel at ease for a while.

Sticks very well

It's really uncomfortable when the adhesive is not that great, but this one sticked well on.

No allergic reaction

I'm someone who easily gets pimples around the vulva, but with the Inertia pad, which has no microplastics, I used it without any issues! I'll continue to use it in the future.

Organic is definitely different.

I feel like my menstrual cramps have really decreased....!!!
It's my first time using organic, but it's definitely good. It's amazing.

Best I've ever used

It's soft and fluffy. It's the best I've ever used, so I'm buying it again. I'm going to send it to my younger brother who has sensitive skin.


great!! It's especially nice that the size is clearly written on the packaging, so it's easy to tell them apart! It seems to have good absorption and takes up less volume. But personally, I felt that the outer box packaging was over-packed. It would be nice to have a version without the box packaging.


I bought the holiday edition because it was pretty, but I like it because it's organic cotton.